Major projects

Building tomorrow

The metropolitan area’s ambition in its areas of excellence (smart and sustainable city, health, tourism) is implemented through major and structural urban projects. These development projects result in an appropriate real estate offer (offices, laboratories, etc.), focus investments in order to reach a critical mass in key sectors, and create flagship sites that play the role of catalysts for the economic ecosystems of excellence while also contributing to their visibility and international standing.

This demarcation reinforces the economic themes for the major regional development projects, as clearly demonstrated in the Eco-Vallée and the smart city Nice Méridia technopole, the future business district of Grand Arénas for business tourism and the tertiary sector, the Nice-East European City of Health for health, the silver economy and well-being. The relocation of the National Interest Market (MIN) to the Baronne site frees up the land necessary for the development of the future international business center, the multimodal exhibition center (PEX) and the multimodal exchange hub (PEM). The final demarcation is a promenade which, thanks to structural projects such as Thiers train station, the south train station and Le Ray eco-district, provides a link to the city center.

Major projects and achievements

ZI Carros - Le Broc Le Roguez - business park Health Cluster MIN d'Azur Eco-district Le Ray Gare du Sud Eco-district St-Isidore Nice Valley Gare Thiers Tramway Line 2 Sports complex Nice Méridia Grand Arénas Technopolis Square Benes Multimodal hub Grand Arénas La Villette eco-district Exhibition center Grand Arénas Polygone Riviera Cap 3000

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